Your Mission Trip to Haiti

Information Packet
Mission Trip Coordinator – Charles McEndree: 813-469-8684

Host Organizations:
Relief for Kids in Haiti – US EIN# 46-1320063
Host: Marc Arthur Francois: +1 (509) 3159-0054
Delivrance pour Tous – US EIN# 82-3403289
Host: Jameson Leo: +1 (509) 3180-3223

Who can travel:

Any Adult with reasonably good health who can sit for long durations and climb 2 sets of stairs.Minors 14 years of age or older, in good health, and accompanied by a parent or guardian.Accommodations are limited to 8 people, and there may be other groups at the same location that you are staying, so book ahead to reserve your week. Please let us know what dates you are and are not available on your booking form.


You will want to check the US CDC Immunization Recommendations prior to your trip, and plan to get those Immunizations at least 3 weeks prior to travel.Go to and select “Haiti” and “Mission/Disaster Relief” and review the CDC plan for your trip. Immunizations are your cost and are recommended even for short duration trips. Check your local Health Agency for locations for free immunizations in your area.


We suggest adding a simple international calling plan to at least one cell phone in your group for your trip. We also suggest adding the “Whatsapp” and “Messenger” applications to every cell phone if you want to communicate with home. Internet is available at your accommodations.

Your Flight:

There are several ways to fly to Haiti:

Mission Flights International flies from Ft. Pierce, Florida to Port-au-Prince, Haiti typically on Thursdays. So, when you fly, your trip will be 1 week long, starting on a Thursday and flying back on a Thursday. They fly in a DC-3 Airplane and limited seats are available. The cost is $450 round trip for you and 50 pounds of luggage. Anything over 50 pounds costs an additional $1.50 per pound.
The MFI flight will give you more of a “Mission Trip Experience”, because the flight is small and intimate with less than 20 people plus cargo on the plane. It is a longer flight but typically not as rough or turbulent as commercial airlines. You can also ask for some time in the cockpit and talk to the pilots as they fly. The pilots are all Christian and have dedicated their carriers to help the Missionaries of Haiti.
American Airlines has several flights per day to Port-au-Prince and is more flexible on the day you arrive and the duration of your trip.
We strongly suggest that you plan for a full day trip to arrive and a full day when you fly back, and no less than 4 days at your destination, so your trip will be at least 6 days long. A total of 6 to 9 days is recommended. Longer trips are accommodated depending on your schedule.
WARNING – Do NOT book flights until instructed to do so by your mission trip coordinator.
There are other commercial airlines that fly to Haiti from Miami, but they tend to leave early in the morning, and you will need to spend the night before in Miami to make the flight.
WARNING – Do NOT book flights until instructed to do so by your mission trip coordinator.

Indicate which way that you want to fly on your booking sheet.

When you arrive:

No matter what airline you fly, upon arrival you will:

  1. Pay the impact fee at the Haitian Airport – $10 US dollars per person. Have this in Cash. There are no ATMs available.

2. Go Through Immigration

Look at the immigration form. You will need:

Your passport number and some personal information.
The address that you will be staying in Haiti. This will be provided.
The phone number to reach you in Haiti. This will be provided.

3. Claim Your Baggage

When you reach the baggage claim, you will have porters asking if they can help you with your baggage. You have the right to refuse by saying “No”. They probably will encourage you to change your mind, so you may need to reemphasize “No”. Please note, that if you use a Porter, they will expect a tip of $10 to $20 each. We suggest that you bring limited baggage that you can handle yourself and not engage a Porter’s service.

4. Go Through Customs

Typically, if you have 2 bags and a carry-on per person, then you can go through screening without going through customs. If you go through customs, your baggage may be x-rayed and/or searched. Please tell the Customs agent that you are on a mission trip and they should not charge you. They will be searching for commercial items that they think that you want to resell, or searching for medications that you may be brining into the country for resell. Legally, they have the right to charge you up to 20% of the value that they believe the item is worth.

5. Meet Your Host

You will meet Your Host as you exit Customs before you exit the building. They will have a bright green shirt on with the Secours pour les Enfants d’Haiti and/or Delivrance pour Tous logo on the shirt. They should be holding a sign with your name or your group name. Do not exit the building without your host.
You will be given instructions on what to do if you host is late and/or you cannot find your host when you exit Customs.
Do not exit the building without your host. Do not engage a taxi.
There is a Digicel Wifi Zone or NATCOM free Wifi in the airport.
There is a Digicel Wifi Zone or NATCOM free Wifi in the airport.

Etiquette while inside Haiti:

  • Keep hands, head, and personal items inside of the car always.
  • Pictures are okay if it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • Do not sick your camera out the window and take pictures in public. It’s rude, and someone can steal your camera.
    Do not go outside by yourself. Always have an escort or security. Buddy system is required.
  • Never wonder around without your buddy.
    Never leaves the house without the knowledge of a host.
  • Don’t give anything away without consulting a host.
  • In case of feeling unsafe a safe word will be given to you for a host to take care of it.
  • Do Not confront anyone. Call a host immediately
  • Do not eat or drink anything from the street, unless it is said to be okay to do so.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not pet or touch an animal outside the orphanage compound.

Your Accommodations:

You will be staying at the Relief for Kids in Haiti (Secours pour les Enfants d’Haiti) Orphanage in Kenscoff, Haiti. The orphanage is 5000 feet in the mountains, and can get cold in the winter time. There are 13 Children in the home, along with a Host Family, your cook, and some orphanage employees. You will be assigned a mattress and a place to sleep, and you will have the use of a “Mosquito Tent” which you can use at your discretion. Depending on the number of people staying at the home, your accommodations may or may not be private. So bring modest and comfortable clothes to sleep in. In the winter, you will want to consider long underwear. You will want to bring a sleeping bag and a small pillow.
There is no running water in the home, and water is provided in buckets from the cistern. The cistern water is not drinkable, but can be used for bathing, toileting, and washing hands. Do not drink water unless it is bottled water.
Electricity in the house is controlled by City Power, Reserve Batteries, and/or Solar power; however, electricity during your stay is not guaranteed, and can be sporadic. If you sleep with a CPAP machine or any other device that requires electricity, you will need to bring along accessory batteries should the power go off.
The children speak Haitian Creole and they are learning English. Teaching them additional English is highly encouraged and they can teach you some basic Creole. Bringing small gifts for the children (stuffed animal, match box car, crayons and color books, bible story gifts) is encouraged. Tipping your cook and hosts is also encouraged, but not mandatory.


  • Activities playing and interacting with children
  • Teaching and training at the DT Educare Center
  • Bible Study
  • English seminar
  • Computer workshop
  • “Play day” with children
  • Deliver food to area orphanages (food can be purchased at an additional cost)
  • Worship
    On Sunday, your group leader can choose the appropriate church for your group to attend. Only one church can be accommodated per Sunday.
    Adventists will be accommodated on Saturday at the local Adventist Church.
  • Haiti National Museum
  • Haiti National Museum of Art
  • Beach
  • Garden sanctuary

Immunizations On you own
Airflight MFI: $450 + possible accommodations in Ft. Pierce
Commercial Airlines: On your own.
Lodging, Food, Local daily Transportation and Hosts $40 per day per person
Security Guard $20 per day per group.
Groups of 3 or less can opt not to pay for a security guard, however it is recommended for your safety.
Groups of 4 or more cannot opt out.
Special trips If your group elects to travel outside the Port-au-Prince area to see other parts of Haiti, accommodations can be made in advance and you will be charged for fuel.
If you wish to stay overnight in another location, you will be charged for your accommodations and reasonable accommodations for you host and security guard.
Example of trips:
· Citadelle Laferrière and Sans-Souci Palace
· Cap Haitian/Limbe/Plaisance
· Pignon/Bohoc